Building safety for the protection of life, health and property is the solemn responsibility of the highest order. Recognizing the public’s trust bestowed upon individuals engaged in the administration and inspection of construction safety codes, the membership of the Building Officials Association of Georgia commits to a standard of professional behavior that exemplifies the highest ideals and principles of ethical conduct. The governing concepts embodied in this philosophy are characterized herein below:

The BOAG member shall:

Place the public’s welfare above all other interests and recognize that his/her chief responsibility is the safety, healthy, and welfare of the general public.
Demonstrate integrity, honesty and fairness in all transactions and constantly strive for excellence.
Recognize the continuing need to support BOAG and acknowledge a professional obligation to contribute time and expertise to this endeavor.
Conscientiously avoid all circumstances that could compromise professional integrity.
Conduct him/her self in a spirit of fairness to all members of the Building Officials Association of Georgia and maintain loyalty to the purposes stated in Article I, Section 2, of the Bylaws.
Acknowledge and understand that failing to comply with this Code of Ethics may result in discipline and/or revocation of his/her membership in this organization.