Building Codes For Roof Decks

Building Codes For Roof Decks There are currently many state and local building codes for roof decks, but not all of them are created equal. Each jurisdiction establishes their own regulations and requirements in regards to constructing a deck or roof deck accessory. Because each area is likely to have different building codes and regulations, […]

Understanding Building Codes for Carports

Building codes for carports are designed to regulate the construction and installation of permanent structures, such as garages, on privately owned property. Carport codes differ from state to state, but some building codes follow the same general guidelines. Other building codes may require additional requirements or stipulations, such as that the structure is located on […]

Codes for Natural Disaster Buildings

When it comes to the building codes for natural disasters, there are a few things that you should know. In terms of being compliant with the codes, it’s really up to the local governing body. It’s their job to set the guidelines, and once they see something that seems to violate the code, they will […]

Building Codes For Above Ground Pools

Building Codes For Above Ground Pools Above-ground swimming pools and spa pools are becoming more popular all across the country. With a wide variety of different building codes currently in place, you will want to learn as much as possible about the building codes for above-ground pools before you start building your pool. Not only […]

Building Codes For Patios – What You Need to Know

Building Codes For Patios – What You Need to Know Building Codes for patios can make a huge difference in terms of the comfort and value of your outdoor living area. Most builders will agree that a nice backyard is incomplete without a patio. For years people have been trying to determine if there are […]

Building Codes For Marinas

Building Codes For Marinas Building Codes for marinas have developed from state to state and are constantly being updated to conform with the latest needs of the marina community. Depending on what is being built the requirements will vary but it never hurts to check the current regulations before jumping right in, as this will […]

Building Codes For Wood Buildings And Your Safety

While most all Canadian provinces have not yet adapted their building codes for wood buildings beyond six and eight stories, wood continues to gain ground as an efficient construction material. Statistics from the Canadian Building Bureau confirm this trend. While the number of residential dwellings built using wood has decreased slightly over the past decade, […]

Building Codes For Laundry Rooms

Building Codes For Laundry Rooms If you are planning on building a laundry room, chances are you are going to need building codes for laundry rooms. These building codes are there to keep people safe from harm, and to help the laundry business thrive. Unfortunately, because this business is so lucrative, there are a lot […]