Building Codes For Wood Buildings And Your Safety

While most all Canadian provinces have not yet adapted their building codes for wood buildings beyond six and eight stories, wood continues to gain ground as an efficient construction material. Statistics from the Canadian Building Bureau confirm this trend. While the number of residential dwellings built using wood has decreased slightly over the past decade, […]

Building Codes For Laundry Rooms

Building Codes For Laundry Rooms If you are planning on building a laundry room, chances are you are going to need building codes for laundry rooms. These building codes are there to keep people safe from harm, and to help the laundry business thrive. Unfortunately, because this business is so lucrative, there are a lot […]

Building Codes For Roofing Are Different

There are some different requirements that are involved with the codes for roofing than there are with other types of construction. For instance, there is no real difference between the way that metal roofing is done and what would be called shingle roofs or tile roofing. Metal roofing and slate roofing are all essentially the […]

Building Codes for Sinkholes

Building Codes for Sinkholes have been in effect since 1950 when the Federal Surface Building Codes was enacted. This act established uniform building codes for all building projects from bridges and tunnels to single story homes, garages, sheds, storage sheds and more. These codes are designed to protect the public from dangerous conditions such as […]

Building Codes For Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers are becoming more popular and in order to be a success it is important to know about building codes for outdoor showers. Outdoor showers can have a number of different regulations that must be followed in order to be able to legally have one in your home. It is important to find out […]

Building Codes For In-Ground Pools

Building Codes For In-Ground Pools Building Codes for in-ground pools are important to the homeowner who has a swimming pool. Whether you have built an above ground pool or an in-ground model, the building codes can vary depending on where you live. There are several codes which apply only to above ground pools. These codes […]

Building Codes For Yacht Homes

There are a number of different federal and local building codes that cover the construction of yachts and houses. The building codes govern the materials, size, and location that certain building features have to be built with. As well, these codes regulate when certain activities can take place on the property as well. In the […]