The Miami-Dade Hurricane Code

The Miami-Dade County Florida Hurricane Code has recently been revised in order to make it more effective. As a resident, you are urged to review this new Code so that you can be sure your home is protected from all potential damages. With the new Code, a new set of criteria for roof construction and installation has been established. This was done in order to make the Code more understandable and to protect the people in the County from harm.

miami dade hurricane code

The revised code also included an expansion of the area covered by the hurricane codes for residential properties. This means that all areas that are not covered by the current Code will need to be added in. This is important in that those who live in those areas will be protected from the damage often brought on by hurricanes. Additionally, the Miami-Dade County Public Trustee will be responsible for ensuring that the new additions are properly maintained in order to meet all legal requirements.

In addition, a new informational brochure was released in June 2021 with the Codes for Miami-Dade County, including the Miami-Dade hurricane codes. This was designed in order to assist property owners, as well as management companies and others who might be interested in learning more about the Code. This is a very good resource in that it provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly code your building. It is also important to note that this booklet is always available online in its entirety for viewing.