Know The Hurricane Building Codes And Follow Them For Safety

The hurricane building codes were written to protect the public from the dangers of hurricanes. They state in part: “It is recommended that if a building is used as a residential dwelling by an occupant for more than one year, a certificate of occupancy should be obtained from the Florida Division of Building and Safety. In addition, all documents relating to insurance, construction and maintenance records must be maintained in the same location.” The Florida Department of Financial Services is the department that enforces the hurricane codes. So when you go to purchase or rent any type of property in Florida, whether it is a residential, industrial, or recreational property you must know the hurricane building codes to make sure your home is safe from hurricanes.

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Even though no building is 100 percent safe from a hurricane, the Florida Department of Financial Service has studied every building to see what improvements need to be made to the codes. This allows the people who own the property to keep it in an acceptable condition to tenants and future buyers. By having your property inspected prior to purchase you are protecting yourself and your investment. The inspection will let you know any problems with the structure of the home so you can have it repaired. It can also save you thousands of dollars in future home repairs because a home isn’t going to hurricane-proof itself.

You can have the information on the hurricane building codes in your local library. If you want to know more you can go online and find out. If you live in Florida and you own property you need to know the hurricane building codes to make sure you don’t become a victim. By knowing which codes to follow you can save yourself thousands of dollars on future home repairs or damages. It is also important to know that the codes are there for a reason and that you should follow them for the safety of yourself, your family, your belongings, your business, and your home.