Code Officials are committed to serving the public interest in building safety, health and welfare by advancing high, consistent standards of building official practice through the professional competence of its members.

The Association’s motto is “pro bono publico – for the public good”, and our primary aims and objectives are summarized as follows:

  • To foster and cooperate in the establishment of uniform regulations relating to the fire protection and structural adequacy of buildings and the safety and health of the occupants;
  • To promote the understanding and uniform interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and their companion documents;
  • To provide assistance in the development and improvement of these regulations and their companion documents; and
  • To promote a close liaison and interchange of ideas on these regulations with related associations, the building industry, government and the consumer public.

The BOAG believes it must ensure that not only its members, but every Code Official is afforded the best possible training and information exchange available to perform their duties in the most competent, confident and knowledgeable manner.

Officers and Directors
The Association is governed by a 14 member Board, elected by the membership for staggering terms. The Executive Board meets 4 times annually and  is supported in its work by Committees, each charged with a specific area of responsibility or special project.

The BOAG provides for the exchange of ideas and information in the building industry through seminars, conferences, meetings and the Association’s quarterly newsletter. Through these, the organization addresses relevant problems of building safety, fire safety and code administration of both state and national interest.