Building Codes for Insulation – A Primer

Building Codes for Insulation – A Primer Building codes for insulation are designed to reduce indoor air pollution and to improve energy-efficiency in buildings. The primary objectives of these codes are to maintain comfortable temperatures in indoor spaces, protect against heat loss or increase the effectiveness of existing insulation, and prevent moisture and sound transmission […]

Understanding Building Codes For HVAC Ductwork

The building codes for HVAC have developed from a very basic set of regulations to a system that regulates the construction and structure of HVAC equipment and structures. Originally the codes were created to help the builders with the codes were important to the consumer. It was not until the 1980’s that HVAC systems began […]

Building Codes For Pools

Building Codes For Pools Building codes for pools are necessary and should not be ignored when designing and building a skatepark. A well designed and built skatepark will be safer, more enjoyable, and more enjoyable to use than a concrete park would be. While safety should always be a priority, safety in general on skateboards […]

Building Codes For Fire Pits

When it comes to building codes for fire pits, you really need to take your time and consider everything that encompasses this type of establishment before you just jump right in. This could be one of the most important decisions that you make as a business owner or just a person in general so that […]

Understanding Your Building Codes For Outdoor Steps

Understanding Your Building Codes For Outdoor Steps There are some building codes that apply to outdoor steps in public buildings and schools, and other situations where outdoor steps might have contact with people or pets. While most municipal building codes won’t apply directly to private homes and businesses, many commercial building codes do regulate outdoor […]

Building Codes For Patio Covers

Building Codes For Patio Covers If you’re in the market for buying a new patio covers, whether they’re aluminum wrought iron, or plastic, you should familiarize yourself with the building codes for patio covers so that you don’t get stuck with a concrete slab when you’re done building your cover. Building codes for patio covers […]

Building Codes For Condos – Everything You Need to Know

Building Codes For Condos – Everything You Need to Know One of the biggest concerns that condo owners have is whether or not the building codes for condos are being followed in their community. Condo owners should know that although there are some condominium associations in areas where no building codes have been created, everyone […]

Understanding the Florida Hurricane Building Code

The Florida Hurricane Building Code was enacted in 1974 to provide protection for the people of Florida who live and work along the coastal areas of the state. The code, which covers all projects in the state, makes it possible for property owners to build hurricane-resistant structures like homes, schools, government buildings, and many other […]

Knowing Your Building Codes For In Ground Pools

Knowing Your Building Codes For In Ground Pools Building Codes for Inground Pools are regulated according to the jurisdiction in which they must be established. The building codes for inground pools are created and published by local or state officials depending on the jurisdiction. The state building codes differ from the local building codes. It […]

Understanding Your South Florida Building Code

The South Florida Building Code is the law that governs all aspects of construction and development in the state of Florida. This includes rules governing commercial and residential developments such as buildings, structures, alterations, additions, improvements, and land uses. It also includes rules governing the ownership and responsibility of property within the area covered by […]