Cape Coral Building Code Cuts Down Beach Home Owners’ Dream

The Cape Coral City government has recently put into place a new construction and zoning ordinance that has caused many businesses and individuals to either stop building on the beach or to put the future of their businesses on hold. Many businesses in the city had been enjoying living and working on the shore for years without any complaints, until recently. Now that the city has implemented its new code on the Beach, many residents and businesses fear that they may be forced out of business in the near future. The officials in Cape Coral feel that this new code is only being enforced in an attempt to bring order to the neighborhood, but some citizens are concerned that this code could force out the people who have made their homes on the beach their home for over forty years.

cape coral building code

When applying for a permit to build on the beach in Cape Coral, you will need to submit a construction plan to the city in order to get your building code approved. Your application must include two things: proof that the site will have no negative impact on the environment, and that the planned activities will not encroach upon or negatively affect the rights of others. If you are unable to come up with an acceptable design for your project, then you may have to submit additional paperwork to the city, such as a variance statement, before being allowed to build. This means that the officials will review your plans in order to make sure that they do not go against any ordinances or laws that may be in place. You should also contact a local architect that specializes in building in this area to help you design an effective and pleasing project.

Even if you have a variance statement, it is still important to follow the new code at all times. The code was implemented to make sure that all Cape Coral residents have a right to have a beachfront community. If you choose to build something that goes against the code, you may be forced out of business in just a few short months. Now that the Cape Coral city government has introduced a new code, many Cape Coral homeowners are wondering where they will next find their piece of the beach paradise.