Building Codes For Yacht Homes

There are a number of different federal and local building codes that cover the construction of yachts and houses. The building codes govern the materials, size, and location that certain building features have to be built with. As well, these codes regulate when certain activities can take place on the property as well. In the case of constructing a house or a building on the water, these building codes apply to all boats and residences, not just luxury Yacht Clubs.

building codes for yacht homes

The building codes for yacht can be implemented in two ways. First, the owners themselves will have to follow these codes. This is because without the code there is no legal authority over the operation of the yacht club. Therefore, the primary building codes for boats and homes that apply to residential buildings also apply to yacht clubs as well. However, if the primary building codes for boats and residences do not apply to your area you may consider checking with your local government for assistance.

The second way that building codes for boats and residences are enforced is by your local and state government. Whenever a new building is being constructed or altered in any way they will request that the owners follow the guidelines and laws regarding building codes for boats and residences. The county government and even the city hall or the Parks and Recreation Department can also be contacted if one wants to follow these regulations. In many places there are also designated enforcement officers that will be able to help with enforcement of building codes for boats and residences. In most cases a license to operate a yacht club is also required for anyone who intends to run one on the water.