Building Codes For Trailer Parks

Building codes for trailer parks are very specific. If you are a new builder, you will want to consider consulting with a professional, experienced local contractor, who is familiar with the regional building codes. They will help you in understanding, interpreting and implementing the necessary changes to your layout. This is the only way that you can ensure that you comply with the building codes and keep your business out of trouble. There are special permits that must be obtained before construction begins and these are best handled by your local construction company.

building codes for trailer parks

If you have experience building and operate mobile home parks, you will know that there are many decisions to make regarding design and features. The codes will dictate the number of dwelling units allowed per trailer unit as well as the minimum lot dimensions required. Additional regulations pertain to the weight of each trailer, spacing between dwellings, hookups to utilities and parking requirements. You will also need to comply with fire and zoning laws. For example, if your trailer park includes a swimming pool, you will need to have proper pool fencing.

There are several ways to obtain information regarding the building codes for trailer parks in your area. You can contact your local city, county and state government agencies. However, you may find that the information is available on the Internet at no cost. Some sites offer a free consultation and will discuss your project with you. Others have a fee but provide valuable information in developing your plans. Your builder’s website may also have information about building codes for parks and how to get a permit.