Building Codes For Roofing Are Different

There are some different requirements that are involved with the codes for roofing than there are with other types of construction. For instance, there is no real difference between the way that metal roofing is done and what would be called shingle roofs or tile roofing. Metal roofing and slate roofing are all essentially the same type of roofing solution and they require the same building codes as wood shakes and ceramic tile roofing does. The one main difference in the building codes for roofing is that the types of materials that are used to build the roof are much different than they were many years ago.

building codes for roofing

For example, wood shake roofs used to be constructed using shingles that had been attached to the pole or the home and then topped with a layer of tar paper. Today, the codes for roofing have changed so that it is much more difficult for a homeowner to construct a wood shake roof. In addition, the new shakes that are being developed are made from a material that looks very similar to wood shingle, but has many of the advantages of wood shingle without the problems associated with them such as moisture, rotting, and rotting wood, and the various insect problems associated with using wood shingles.

One type of roofing solution that is required in many states today is building codes for roofing that require the use of spaced sheathing. Spaced sheathing consists of three layers, which are the actual boards themselves, and an intermediate layer that are either paper or felt that serves the purpose of providing protection from moisture. These building codes for roofing are particularly important when it comes to protecting the attic because it can easily collapse in on itself and cause damage to your home. While there is much talk today about the building codes for roofing, there is plenty of information about spaced sheathed construction available if you are interested.