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Curb wall limitations

Question: Hi Karl, Our City recently prohibited the use of 3 1/2 " curb or stem wall from being used on the exterior load bearing wall of the garage.  We feel the code would require an 8" or possibly a 6" curb if that...

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Drainage fixture units?

Hey Karl, My inspector tells me I have too many drainage fixture units for a 3 inch building drain.  I am not sure what he means or how to fix it.   Question: What is a drainage fixture unit?   Answer:  2012 IPC...

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Can I have an exposed light over my shower?

Question:  Karl, can I have an exposed light bulb over the shower compartment in a new home? Answer: No. This is terrible on so many levels.  Remember safety first.  2017 NEC Section 410.10 Luminaries over the shower must be...

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