Florida Building Code – Wind Map

If you’re in Florida and are wondering what’s required in your condo for proper building codes compliance, then you can find out that they require a building wind map for each of their buildings. This map will give you an idea of how strong your building structure is as well as what sort of vibrations […]

Building Codes For Trailer Parks

Building codes for trailer parks are very specific. If you are a new builder, you will want to consider consulting with a professional, experienced local contractor, who is familiar with the regional building codes. They will help you in understanding, interpreting and implementing the necessary changes to your layout. This is the only way that […]

Building Codes For Retaining Walls – Get Price Quotes

Building Codes For Retaining Walls – Get Price Quotes Building Codes for Retaining Walls was written for use in the states of California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, New Mexico and Washington. Retaining wall locations are specified to be identified very early in the Design/Cost Planning/Building Process including drawing, proposals and approvals. Retaining wall […]

Building Codes For Interior Stairs

In many states, building codes for interior stairs are governed by local government rules and regulations. The most common municipal building codes, and the ones that are followed in most states, fall under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This group is responsible for creating and updating building codes that deal with the various state […]

The Cape Coral Landscaping Code

The Cape Coral Landscaping Code In terms of construction codes, a Cape Coral landscaping code enforcement officer is responsible for making sure that everyone’s construction practices follow the laws and that everyone abides by the Coastal Barrier Resource Management Act (CARMA) as well as other federal and state laws. In fact, according to CARMA, any […]