Building Codes For Garage Doors

If you are wondering what building codes for garage doors are, you can find out all about them and the requirements of the various states in which they must be followed. There are different building codes for different types of garages. Some of these include: traditional, sectional, carriage house and sectional aluminum. The building codes […]

Building Codes For Greenhouses

Greenhouse construction is a relatively new phenomenon in North America, but has rapidly become popular elsewhere in the world. Greenhouse gardening was first popularized in Germany about 25 years ago, and today, more people are building greenhouses all over Europe and Asia. There is a growing demand for environmentally friendly gardens because of rising concern […]

Understanding Building Codes For Fences

Understanding Building Codes For Fences Building codes for fences are very specific and different from state to state. The Fence Building Code of New York, for instance, differs from that of Florida and Texas and can have legal ramifications if not followed. Fences are required in many areas as a security measure, and they should […]

The Miami-Dade Hurricane Code

The Miami-Dade County Florida Hurricane Code has recently been revised in order to make it more effective. As a resident, you are urged to review this new Code so that you can be sure your home is protected from all potential damages. With the new Code, a new set of criteria for roof construction and […]