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Closes On: February 17, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST

Location:Marietta , Marietta, GA 30060
Department:Public Works
Job Status:Full-Time
Details:Pay based on qualifications

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Job Description

This is a senior level supervisory position that reports directly to the Public Works Director and is responsible for the management and daily supervision of the Building Inspections/Permitting and Engineering divisions of the Public Works Department and also serves as the Chief Building Official. This position is responsible for reviewing and approving building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical permit applications and plans. This position is also responsible for overseeing and managing the site development engineering reviews and inspections, MS4 program, NPDES program, and related functions of the Engineering Division. Deputy Director of Public Works/Chief Building Official is responsible for enforcing the guidelines set forth in the Georgia State Minimum Standard Codes and City of Marietta Codes.• Plans, manages, and directs the daily activities related to the building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical code for the Building Inspections/Permitting Division. 
• Plans, manages, and directs the daily activities related to the site engineering review, MS4 program, erosion control inspections, and related activities for the Engineering Division. 
• Supervises and directs the work of Building Inspections and Engineering divisions staff and ensures that qualified personnel are hired and perform quality work. Makes hiring recommendations to the Public Works Director. Prepares and conducts personnel performance reviews, and other supervisory functions 
• Monitors productivity and workflow of the division and resolves situations to ensure goals and objectives are achieved. 
• Prepares and monitors division budget and monitors permit fee collections. Recommends permit fee adjustments as necessary. 
• Establishes and communicates division policies to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public. 
• Ensures that building codes are interpreted properly and updated as required by state law. 
• Ensures that development, MS4, NPDES, and related regulations are complied with. 
• Coordinates with the Public Works Director, as needed, to ensure reasonable and safe compliance in matters requiring supervision and oversight by an engineer. 
• Reviews building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans and permit applications for developments within the city. 
• Approves permit applications or denies requests and explains reasons for denial. 
• Reviews plans to determine conformance with Georgia State Minimum Codes and local ordinances. 
• Works with engineers, architects, developers, and builders on design, approval, and construction of private developments. 
• Coordinates with the Planning, Zoning, Code Enforcement, Fire, Power, Water, and other city departments to review and approve private developments. 
• Supervises two Senior Building Trades Inspectors and three Building Trades Inspectors in conducting inspections and recording inspection results on a computerized database. 
• Supervises permit clerk(s) in processing permit applications on a computerized database. 
• Supervises one City Engineer and subordinate staff in assigned functions including but not limited to conducting engineering reviews and inspections of site development activities and recording inspection results on a computerized database, implementing the MS4 program requirements, maintaining the General Stormwater Discharge Permit requirements, NPDES requirements, Flood plain requirements, and related activities of the Engineering Division. 
• Conducts inspections in an inspector’s absence or to relieve an unusually large quantity of inspection requests. 
• Directs enforcement of building code requirements. 
• Oversees maintenance of a computerized database to record permit and inspection activities. 
• Sets up requested meetings with the Board of Construction Appeals. Attends meetings and provides technical information regarding code related appeals. 
• Studies and reviews new, existing, and proposed codes and updates adoption ordinances as needed. 
• Prepares schedule for inspector certifications and continuing education. 
• Promotes building safety and education. 
• Receives and handles calls of complaints and explains and interprets various code provisions to builders, contractors, architects, and the public. 
• Prepares and submits annual Building/Inspections and Engineering divisions operating and capital budget to the Public Works Director and responsible for operating within budget limits established for the divisions. 
• Advises builders and homeowners on minimum standards of construction and materials. 
• Prepares a monthly summary of permit and inspection activities. 
• Prepares technical and administrative reports. 
• Prepares and presents oral and written reports and responds to requests for information. 
• Performs other related duties as required. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Preferred Qualifications -  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree in building construction or related field plus 7 years related inspections experience is preferred. Completion of a 2-year Associate’s or Vocational/Technical program in building construction or similar acceptable field plus 9 years related inspections experience is acceptable. 
• A minimum of 3 years of the requisite experience must be performing inspections for a public building inspections department or similar public agency. 
• ICC Building Code Official Certification is required. 
• ICC level 3 certified Residential Combination Inspector, Commercial Combination Inspector, and Building Plan Examiner is required. 
• Thorough knowledge of the Georgia State Minimum Standard Codes including but not limited to the International Building Code (ICC), National Electrical Code (NFPA), International Fuel Gas Code (ICC), International Mechanical Code (ICC), International Plumbing Code (ICC), International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings (ICC), International Energy Conservation Code (ICC), International Fire Code (ICC), International Existing Building Code (ICC), and the International Property Maintenance Code (ICC) 
• GSWCC Level 1B Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector or the ability to obtain certification within 6 months of hire is required. 
• Considerable knowledge of building and remodeling methods, tools, materials, and safety standards used in building and structure construction. 
• Ability to comprehend and interpret the standard building codes and other ordinances and codes as applied to construction. 
• Ability to detect structural faults, other code violations, and potential code violations on construction plans and in the field. 
• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. 
• Knowledge and skill using Microsoft Word and Excel software. 
• Ability to read and interpret plans, specifications, and blueprints. 
• Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with builders, contractors, engineers, architects, and the public. 
• Ability to enforce building codes firmly but tactfully. 
• Ability to supervise technical and clerical personnel.